srijeda, 11. lipnja 2014.

Guys if you dont appreciate my work and dont want subscribe than no cars more

Hi guys these days I decide to fix all broken link and i have more 200 Stance Works cars for release with mediafire links soo guys please be fair to me and subscribe on my channel here i see I have 15500 clicks on blog soo thank you but support me on Youtube its very important for me

                                                 I now you like this Honda guess what Its for DOWNLOAD but if you subscribe me on youtube 

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  1. I appreciate your work!
    I'm already subscribed though.

  2. I'm already subscribed too and I think your work is amazing. But dude, please, can you reupload the Mitsubishi Stance and the Bmw Power Drift? Please?


  3. yes of course but not here add me on facebook meho malcinovic picture guy and behind me is silver BMW m3

  4. Ok, I've sent you two requests (I'm Max Nuclearvomit) but you always delete me.